Superstars at the Megadeath Picnic refers to our liberal imperialist culture, where celebrities front humanitarian campaigns which provide cover for the West’s conquest and plunder of the Third World.

Pitchfork Cosmonaut points both backwards and forwards – a past we must learn from and take inspiration from (the pitchfork = revolution), and a future where humanity escapes its shackles (the cosmonaut).

Content: news, views and reviews, including satire, pop culture analysis and current affairs commentary.

Taking a long view and satellite view of major issues of current affairs, so that readers can gain a deeper understanding of topics often presented with misleading context or historical background in mainstream media.

Perspective: against the exploiters and oppressors.

Approach: organised around 4 main concepts – alienation, hegemony, ideology, imperialism, used in a broad sense –

  • alienation here refers specifically to the state of being in capitalist society, the psychological attacks we face which impact on our mental health.
  • hegemony here refers to the way in which the ruling class dominates society.
  • ideology here refers to ideas which are used as weapons by the ruling class, usually via its media, to divide us (racism, misogyny, ableism, snobbery).
  • imperialism here refers to the ways in which Western powers dominate the global financial system to keep the rest of the world in economic dependency and poverty, and the tactics (wars of aggression etc) it uses to maintain this dominance.



alienation, hegemony, imperialism, ideology, socialism, communism, self-help, austerity, democracy, fascism, capitalism, celebrities, pop culture, elites, humanitarianism, human rights, Labour Party, patriarchy, racism, Royal Family, current affairs, resistance, critical theory, revolution, Manchester, Britain, social justice.