The Dark Truth Behind Poppy Remembrance

What it is and what it means The First World War was an abattoir for working class men. The death toll from WWI is estimated at 40M, over a million of those from Britain (not exclusively working class men, of course). They were sent to their deaths for nothing. European empires were scrabbling for dominance […]

How ‘Nuance’ is used as Leftist Apologism for Empire

Originally published by Red Fightback here, where you can also listen to the article as audio. All the social-chauvinists are now “Marxists” – don’t laugh! – Lenin What is imperialism? Food travels from the far corners of the globe to your local supermarket round the corner while kids in those far corners must slog 5 […]

Outsourcing Violence: Private Armies & Human Rights in the World’s Third Largest Employer

‘Britain is no longer what it was’. This is a common refrain in the corporate media whitewashing Britain’s profoundly virulent role in the world at large. Rather than ‘losing’ an empire, Britain has in fact adapted to a new order in which, admittedly, it is no longer top dog, but nevertheless still has the capacity […]

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