Why the Government Wants White People to be Racist

Originally published by Consented Magazine.


Ok, imagine this: we have rich people, well-off, and ordinary people. The rich have far too much and want much more. They realise how absurd and insecure their position is and are duly paranoid. The well-off are in awe of them and hope to join them. As a group they have media outlets to spread their ideas, they have police and military, and they have lawmakers. They want more, so they look for wealth around the globe. The Middle East and Africa are major resources. So how do they get their hands on all that oil (in the Middle East)? By force. Bombing, shooting, killing hundreds of thousands, displacing millions, torturing, setting fire to the whole place, arming terrorists to spread more fear, setting one group against another, ruining and destroying everything in their path.

“But… but… we’re a democracy?!” Yes, in theory. But remember those mass media: powerful weapons of mass deception. They lie on an industrial scale, and most people are too busy, or too lazy, or too complacent, or too afraid to find the truth for themselves. So we are deceived into thinking brown and black people are inferior to whites, into thinking Muslims are more irrational than Christians and atheists, into thinking Muslims are terrorists, that they cannot look after themselves, that the nice rich white men of the West should take care of everything for them.

Ok, so now they’ve got the oil and we’re none the wiser. Second of all, we’re scared of the nasty bearded men that hate our freedom. They hate our freedom and want to bomb huge swathes of us in public – so, for our own protection, we must be watched. The State must monitor, record, categorise, and assess our every act. Who could object? You’ve nothing to hide, have you??

And finally, manufacturing racism has a third function. Distraction. Smoke and mirrors. Sleight of hand. For, while we’re all looking over there, at Calais, at Islamic State, at burkhas – our money magically disappears. Our well-deserved welfare vanishes, our taxes are donated to bankers by the trillion, our assets are stripped of public ownership in a firesale to the already filthy rich, and the filthy rich are absolved of their duty to contribute their fair share.

But that’s okay, we know the real troublecausers: people without jobs, people with dark skin (behold and quake at their might!). Or otherwise ordinary people of a ‘different type of white’ taking our jobs. Don’t ask who gives them the jobs. Don’t worry about who pays the lower wages. Don’t think. Don’t look. Don’t listen. Drink another beer. Keep watching X-factor. Keep reading the Sun. Nothing to see here. Stick with spoonfed dogmas. Or… wake up, look around, read, think, understand who the real enemy is, and fight back.


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